Vaginal bleaching

During the last years, a special field has been developed: the field of Cosmetic Gynecology. In foreign countries, vaginal bleaching & rejuvenation have become routine surgeries. In Greece, Cosmetic Gynecology takes its first steps, helping women get rid of their ugly deformities. 

What is vaginal bleaching?
Vaginal bleaching aims at offering a permanent solution to the dark color of the genital area. The dark color- if it does not exist by birth- may be due to frequent waxing, hard childbirths, hormonal changes or simply to our age. Therefore, women can now get rid of the discoloration in the genital area, a fact that can be extremely embarrassing for them and their partner. 
How does vaginal bleaching perform?
The advanced laser technology helps in vaginal bleaching. Only one session of 30 minutes is necessary to remove the layer of melanin which causes the dark color. The surgery is performed with local anesthesia and is completely safe and painless. 
Are the results permanent?
Yes! The results are permanent! Besides, after the session you may feel a mild burning, which disappears after 2 days. Finally, you can combine the vaginal bleaching with large labia reduction, in order to have great results. 

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