Cameltoe: How can we fix it?

There are too many women who face the “cameltoe” in the genital area, a fact that makes them feel uncomfortable and at the same time can cause them functional problems, such as pain during sex, difficulty in gymnastics or difficulty in biking.  

The solution is here and is called vaginal rejuvenation. In recent years, the field of Reconstructive Gynecology has been highly developed, not only abroad but also in Greece. 
How is the surgery performed?
This is a delicate surgery, which should be exclusively performed by specialized doctors and not by plastic surgeons that do not have good knowledge of the morphology of the area. In general, this operation is performed with a scalpel. Dr. Naoum is the first to introduce the last generation diode laser in Greece with clear advantages over scalpel:
-Some sensory endings and nerves around the area do not deaden, as happens with scalpel.
-There are no scars and marks left. 
-The laser offers a precision surgery, completely bloodlessly!
-The recovery time is the minimum possible, in comparison with the surgery performed by the scalpel. 
Therefore, this is a surgery performed with great accuracy and in fact, the operation rarely exceeds the 1 hour, even in the most difficult cases. 
 Which is the recovery time?
We usually call vaginal rejuvenation as the “Friday operation”, because in most cases, working women prefer to have the surgery performed on Friday in order to be able to go back to work on Monday! Therefore, you do not have to stay at hospital nor take any day off, because recovery is immediate. 
«In most cases, women who live in the periphery travel by plane, come to Athens, do the surgery and return home by plane at the same day! Therefore, we can imagine how fast the recovery is», says Dr. Nikolaos Naoum, Gynecologist specialized in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology.
 Is it painful?
Most women think that just because vaginal rejuvenation is carried out in that specific area, they are going to feel intense pain, discomfort and they will need to stay in bed for many days in order to recover. None of these are true! In most cases, we advise women to take a painkiller only the first day after the surgery. Most women do not need to do that either!
“As strange as it may sound, there are numerous women who told me that the day after the surgery, they went to a party and danced or went to the supermarket and carried the bags without feeling the slightest pain or even some of them went to the gym”, says Dr. Naoum.  
Therefore, vaginal rejuvenation does not hurt, does not require recovery time and may be considered as a routine surgery, provided that it is performed by a specialized doctor, whose experience and expertise guarantees the outcome. 
Follow this link to see real incidents before-after the surgery: 

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