Famous moms reveal their secrets!

Changes that occur to a woman’s body during pregnancy and after childbirth are very intense and unfortunately permanent. Many famous women take advantage of the achievements of Reconstructive Gynecology, in order to correct them immediately…However nowadays, every woman can change any mark left by her pregnancy. 
Vaginal rejuvenation- A pioneering surgery!
After one or two normal childbirths, the woman’s vagina is possible to widen and relax. Both her psychology and her daily life change to a great extent and the woman finds it difficult to go to the gym, bike or wear tight clothes and swimsuits. Besides, her self-confidence and sexuality fall dramatically, while the risk of postnatal depression is still high. 
Vaginal rejuvenation can change things. With a delicate surgery, performed by few specialized doctors in Greece, we can permanently fix the width of the woman’s vagina, as well as any deformity that may exist by birth (small labia minora or big labia minora, clitoral asymmetry, etc.), helping women to return to their daily life. Especially famous women in other countries, choose this operation purely for cosmetic reasons, since its cost is not very high. 
Vagina renewal and tightening – enjoy the results in 2 sessions! 
Dr. Nikolaos Naoum presents for the first time in Greece the method of using fractional radiofrequencies which creates collagen and elastin production, taking full advantage of the body’s natural defense. Therefore, the vagina renewal and direct tightening is hereby achieved, while relaxation is eliminated in average 2 sessions only!  
White stretch marks and scars – The eternal problem
Unfortunately cremes and ointments do not offer much help, especially concerning white stretch marks where the problem has become permanent. Famous women do not have enough time to wait and choose drastic solutions such as a revolutionary method that came from abroad and lets us transplant -in a completely bloodless way- healthy cells in the dead and full of scars tissue, i.e. to the white stretch marks that have emerged after a significant weight loss (eg. after childbirth). Therefore, healthy cells multiply and occupy the area of white stretch marks, eliminating them forever in only 2-3 sessions! Is there a woman that would prefer to leave the caesarean scar? Its complete elimination is now easy, provided that it is performed by a doctor specialized in Cosmetic Gynecology. 

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