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Did you notice a symptom? Do you know what this means? Dr. Nikolaos Naoum is here to explain us which disease may be hiding behind your symptoms.
Vaginal viscous liquids - What can it be?
One of the most common diseases with this symptom is fungal infection, which requires a simple visit to your doctor, in order to let him diagnose the problem and suggest you a treatment. Furthermore, this may be due to premenstrual syndrome, during which the woman has intense abdominal pain, headache and swelling when waiting her menstruation. Then, vaginal fluids are possible to change to a great extent. 
Vaginal liquids with strange smell and color- What can it be?
This may be due to Gardnerella vaginalis, an organism that causes colpitis with increased vaginal fluids with grey or yellow color and bad smell. In addition, it is possible that the symptom is due to trichomoniases that constitute one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. 
Itching and red color in the genital area- What can it be?
This can be a common symptom of vaginal and external organs fungal infection as well. Alternatively, intense itching can be due to bursitis, an inflammation created by the hair in the genital area that remains in the skin after waxing. 
Rashes in the genital area- What can it be?
Usually rashes are caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, warts etc. or by a strong fungal infection of the genital organs. Both of them require immediate visit to your doctor. 
Intense pain in lower abdominal area without menstruation- What can it be?
Pain has numerous interpretations, because it may be due to ovulation, premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts or even spastic colitis. In every case, if the pain persists, you must immediately visit your doctor.  
Pain and blood when urinating- What can it be?
Urinary tract infection. If it is accompanied by high fever, then you have a heavy urinary tract infection that requires immediate medical treatment. 

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