The 5 myths of menstruation

Your menstruation can make you feel uncomfortable or causes pain or difficulty in your daily life, but at the same time it is what makes you… a woman! Over the years, many myths have been created around menstruation. Let’s see the most common ones and let the truth shine!
MYTH: During menstruation, I am not allowed to wash or bath myself.  
REALITY: This is not true! Some women sweat more during their menstruation and their hair becomes oily due to the increased hormones. Therefore, there is one more reason to take care of their physical health and feel better with themselves. 
MYTH: Everyone can notice when I menstruate.  
REALITY: Maybe a very close friend of yours can notice it, simply by having in mind when your last menstruation was. Generally speaking, nobody can notice that neither from your behavior nor from your looks. Besides, ¼ of women between 10 and 50 years old menstruate at the same time! Have you ever noticed them?
MYTH: During menstruation, I must rest all the time. 
REALITY: The woman’s body is “programmed” for menstruation, as a normal procedure of her life and this is why most gynecological problems result in menstruation disorders. Therefore, mild exercise and stretching can help you relief the menstrual cramps and it would be better not to change anything from your daily schedule during menstruation. 
MYTH: I am not allowed to use tampon before the first time I have sex. 
REALITY: The woman’s hymen is very elastic. The only way to break is sex and not normal use of tampons. 
MYTH: I cannot swim during menstruation. 
REALITY: There is no contraindication concerning swimming during menstruation, but this is a purely personal issue. If you feel comfortable with the use of tampon, you can swim. However, it would be ideal if you could avoid swimming and long sunbathing during the first 2 days, when the pain is more intense.  
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