5 signs to change your gynecologist

The relationship between the woman and her gynecologist is a life relationship. The woman must trust her doctor, while the doctor must create a sense of security to the woman. But what happens in cases that your gynecologist does not meet your expectations?
1. Examination
Your doctor must spend time for your examination. The standard gynecological examination must include discussion with the doctor, during which the doctor collects important data on your menstruation, your sexual life, your medical history etc. Then, the doctor must perform a vaginal examination using a divulsor and take a sample of cells from the cervix (Pap test). You can find more information at http://www.ananeosi.gr/index.php?page=2&content=2). In addition, the doctor must perform genital palpation, as well as breast palpation, since the annual mammography is not always enough.   
Therefore, the gynecological examination is usually performed once a year and has to be complete. Your doctor will need to spend time and not only study your previous examinations. In case your doctor does not give you much time during your annual check, you should consider changing doctor.  
2. Directness
Your doctor must always be available to give you a solution to a problem, even by telephone. If for example you are on vacation and feel the symptoms of colpitis or fungal infection, the doctor must be able to guide you directly in order to avoid worsening the problem. If you had sex without taking the necessary precautions, then you must talk to your doctor and get his opinion until you visit him. Your gynecologist’s directness can save you from many problems. 
3. Comfort  
Do you feel free to discuss everything with your gynecologist? The relationship created between you and your doctor must be comfortable. Therefore, the doctor must be able to discuss any question or concern you might have. 
4. Pregnancy
These 9 months are probably the most important ones for a woman’s life. Your gynecologist that will give birth to your child must be your friend and supporter. Many women have changed their gynecologist due to their pregnancy, because they were feeling that for some reason they did not trust the doctor enough. Therefore, your doctor must oblige you have a monthly pregnancy check and make the necessary examinations in order to verify that your baby develops properly. Babies are born healthy when the doctor cares for this and only when the only purpose is to enter the woman healthy in the maternity hospital and let her return home with the child without problems. 
5. Diagnosis
We should make clear that diagnosis is based on specialty, but also in the doctor’s experience on several incidents. In case that your doctor makes a diagnosis concerning your problem, we advise you to have a second opinion by another doctor. Unfortunately, in many cases women who were given the wrong diagnosis followed the wrong treatment and this led to even bigger problems. 
So in case that any of the above is true, you should consider changing your gynecologist... 

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