Fungal Infection

Almost 70% of women are infected by fungal infection some time in their life. Fungal infection constitutes the most frequent infection of the lower genital system. Learn about the symptoms in order to offer yourselves a quick treatment, along with your gynecologist’s help. 
What is fungal infection? 
It is a vaginal infection, which is caused by some kind of fungus that exists anyway in the woman’s vagina in small quantities. In case the fungus meets the appropriate conditions, it can cause vaginal infection. 
Which are the appropriate conditions?
There are several factors that make women more vulnerable to yeast infection:
1. Recent use of antibiotics that destroy the natural flora of the vagina.
2. Hormonal disorders.
3. Use of synthetic underwear and clothes during summer.
4. Scented sanitary towels and soaps. 
5. Wet swimsuits that dry on the body. 
What can I do to prevent fungal infection?
Similarly to all kinds of vaginal infections, you can follow some simple advice in order to prevent fungal infection: 
1. Choose cotton underwear, especially during summer. 
2. Do not use strong antiseptic liquids for vaginal douche.
3. Change your swimsuit immediately after you go out of the sea and do not sit directly on the sand. 
4. Eat yogurt! If helps the natural flora of the vagina. 
Which are the symptoms? 
The most common symptoms are the following: itching, secretion of white viscous liquids and red color of the vagina. 
Which is the treatment? 
Your doctor will take a sample of your vaginal liquids, in order to diagnose the type of fungus and suggest you the appropriate treatment. Usually, fungal infection can be treated using vaginal suppositories or ointments, but we must follow the treatment very closely, because fungal infection is possible to return. 

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